New Tempest owner: on how to extract data

My new Tempest arrived yesterday and is now setup. I had an extensive Davis Vantage Pro Plus FARS website using Weather_Display software for 20 years in L.A. before I moved last year (I sold the Davis rather than move it - it was serial number 3) and I’d like to mimic it. Thus my dumb questions:

  1. How does one extract the data from the Tempest to export to other services? The Davis had a port on the console which the Tempest does not on its hub, so it was easy…

  2. I used a dedicated computer (Win XP!) with my old station but would rather go with a better solution this time that is more efficient. I was thinking of a NUC or something like Weatherbridge (which apparently does not work with the Tempest)… I’d love to hear suggestions on approaches that others have used.


Look at the Third-Party applications that use an RPi to capture data.

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Do a search for WeeWX. It is fairly simple to setup and run and works really well. You will also need the WeatherflowUDP “driver”.


To answer #3:

It can’t be done through the app, for now, but you can accomplish this through the website.

When you’re on the website, click “Settings”.

Under the “Manage” section, click “Stations”.

Click on your station, then click “Public Data”.

At the bottom, you’ll see the “Weather Underground” section. Once you’re in that section, you’ll need to input your Weather Underground “Station ID” and “Station Key”.

Once I added my information, it took approximately 30 minutes to populate on the Weather Underground website.


Agree with Gary’s suggestion of looking at 3rd party integrations in the forums. Also look at the ‘API’ link at the top of the page here in the forums for the interfaces they have available to us.

Which way to go depends on how much you like to fiddle, whether you’re a pure Windows type user or are willing to go Linux, or if you want to interface with more of a network appliance type thing like Weatherbridge. And how much you want to spend of course.

That said:

  • generally you pick the UDP broadcasts from the Hub off the wire(less) if you want realtime data.

  • people run on ancient pi up to current pi4, Intel NUC, and (I think) integrate with Weatherbridge and the like. Basically anything running anything unix-like or that can run Docker or VirtualBox works.

  • Multiple solutions can feed WU, including weewx

  • some solutions generate web pages, there’s a cool one that generates data to a small display attached to a raspi, others require you to roll your own dashboard. Similarly, some save the data in databases locally so you can work off your local data without needing WF services, others don’t. There are lots of solutions out there. Which way to go depends on your preferences.

What I do, FWIW:

  • I’m a weewx user for my VP2 so I run a separate instance of weewx for the WF gear on a pi3. I feed WU, PWS, CWOP for the VP2 only. I also upload the generated web pages to my Internet-facing website for both Davis and WF gear.

  • I also wrote a python UDP listener that runs on a i3 NUC (ubuntu) to feed influxdb and did a custom dashboard in grafana. Everything is in Docker containers. Super fast and very reliable. I use that to compare the Davis readings to the WF readings, and to integrate in some rolled-my-own arduino sensor readings and the like.

There are a ‘lot’ of options with such an open platform !


Any specific recommendations? I’m more a hardware guy than a software guy…


Since you used Weather Display before, it will work with the Tempest, I believe.
I use it for my Weather Flow.

I am rather partial to ArchiveSW as I wrote it to do exactly what you asked for.


Thanks, I’ll take a look!

I’m partial to WeeWX, because I wrote the WF UDP station driver.

Oops, still need to finish the docs for the Tempest update and push them… :frowning:


Thanks, I’ll take a look!

Thank you, MiamiWX… Should have started here and saved hours of time.

My pleasure! Just doing my part to pay back the knowledge I’ve gained from others.

Enjoy your Tempest! :+1:t2:


The Tempest will work with your current Weather Display as long as you have the latest version of Weather Display. Go in the Station Settings in Weather Display. Also, if the Tempest and the computer running Weather Display are on the same WiFi network you can pull data directly from the hub. If not on the same WiFi network you can pull data from the Weather Flow servers. I have a computer running 2 instances of WD, one for a Davis Vue and the other for my Weather Flow station.

Best place to go with help with Weather Display and the Tempest is the Weather Display forum.

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OK, I found a workflow that works well for me. I know I IFTTT can export to google docs, but it exports WAY too much data and the sheets arbitrary cut off every couple of days. not great for organizing pertinent data. I’ve found that if you link your station to Weather Underground it summarizes daily max/min for all the data categories. That can be copy/pasted into excel…BUT…non-numerical data is also copied into each cell (92 F, for example), so excel doesn’t know what to do with it. below is a link to a macro-enabled excel sheet that I use which can remove the non-numerical data. you simply paste the weather underground data into ‘RAW’ data tab, run the macro (see ‘read me’ tab) then paste the appended data into the last tab. It is partially filled in as an example. I have it set up for MAX/MIN Temp, Wind, Rain, but you can easily adjust to your needs. I wish the Weatherflow people would have a better export system, but this works for me.




Can the historical data be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or something similar?

Unfortunately there is no built in way to export the historical data to a spreadsheet. If you are comfortable using the API you can write a programme to do it for you, or you can start archiving data from now using the Google Sheets IFTTT integration: IFTTT Applet stores 1min data to Google Sheets