New Tempest owner in UK

Received my station in 10 days, most of delay caused by UK customs. The £100 plus transport costs and duty put the total price up dramatically!
Station up and running within 20 mins. Have a few issue’s, one being info on app is different to WS. Rain showing much lower than my other station and a few other things.
Will give it a month to settle down before seeking help


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Hello David

welcome to the club, 100£ seems really high, can’t imagine VAT being that much. Flat fees maybe (abusive) ?

Hi Eric

Actual costs…
USA,Shipping £60,Approx convert from USD
UK Costs…
Customs Duty…£8.95
Import VAT,£51.59
Clearance Fee,£12


Hi @mercedes105

I received my Tempest a month ago and was $108.88 for express shipping + £56.76 inclusive UPS fees et al.


Yes, that works out at around the same as I paid.
What are your first impressions?

The only issue I have is that my Tempest is slow to respond to rain. Lately I’ve not been receiving the rain notifications either. I’m intent on installing my Tempest in its final position in the coming days so time will tell. Everything else appears to be working well, thanks.