New tempest install reporting 4mph wind with 9mph gusts in dead-calm

I just put up a tempest in my yard, and it’s reporting 4mph winds with 9mph gusts and it’s dead-calm outside. Any thoughts on how to calibrate a new installation? It’s on an 8’ pole in a fairly open location.



Can take it down and place it inside where it’s absolutely dead air, then observe if it still records air movement?

That will let us know where the problem mat be.


As Gary mentioned, a good way to test but remember you’re using a system with no moving parts … no friction, instant measure every 3 seconds … you’d be surprised …what we ‘feel’ as dead calm is sometimes still flowing. When I look at my trees in the garden, I think I don’t see a leave move but there is still some airflow. Very little but it is there. I once tested it by standing next to the Tempest and waited with the app open. I saw little gusts but didn’t feel anything … then I spayed my arm wet and then all of a sudden I felt the little gusts (the humidity made it so that I felt the temperature chill …)


Does the Tempest do wind self-calibrations out of the box, where it needs a few days of seeing winds from all directions to dial itself in???

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yes i does some balancing of the sensors after a powerup, but it needs some wind to do that. So my advise is first to wait a few more days before doing anything else.

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I’m pretty sure that this also applies to the Tempest wind sensors:

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Have been having Tempest wind problems too since I received it. In still air, constantly measures 4 kph.

As suggested by WF, have started testing Tempest in a sealed closet with no airflow this morning (taped edges). It’s still measuring 4 kph, so we know something is up. Will leave it in there for the day to see what happens.

As a follow up, in complete isolation in a closed tight closet with at least 15cm open space on all sides, Tempest wind has increased from 4 to 6 km/h over the past 5 hours. Very steady increase inside dead space in a sealed closet.

Hm… Unless there are mice blowing air on Tempest in the closet, this sensor is kaput :slight_smile: Will be interesting to see where it goes overnight in the closet.

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before you know it, you have a tornado-in-a-box™ :wink:

If the closet doors start shaking on their own, I’ll know to get the heck out of there.

just out of curiosity, does the increase in speed correlate with something else, like barometric pressure or temperature?

It should not. It’s in dead space in a dark sealed closet, so there is zero wind movement…

Then again, I’m not a meteorologist :slight_smile:

that’s why i’m wondering. There might be some dependence on air pressure or temperature with the speed of sound.

Possibly but if you check the temp since around noon, it’s been stable. Hm. Station 25741

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It’s time to contact support as you may have a defective device.

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Yes Support is monitoring this experiment.

Wind has now doubled to 8 kph. Things are sure interesting in that dark airtight closet.

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I think you have gremlins.

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Gremlins with fans ?

Check it for yourself. Experiment been going since just before noon. The gremlins are busy for sure.

I’ve been following. It’s a very strange issue.

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