New Tempest firmware: v134

He won’t admit it but I suspect he is hoarding some alien tech somewhere. Heck, I wouldn’t admit it either.


Any possibility a network issue (package or configuration) will cause the reboot?

No. Not at all.

Loving my Tempest! My hub is on 143 but station is still on 129. Any reason it wouldn’t be updating or has it stopped rolling out due to the possible issues noted regarding excessive rebooting?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Yes, we paused the rollout while we worked through the reboot issue. It looks like we’ve got it licked though, so we should start a new rollout soon.


My Hub is V147 and Unit is 134, is this the latest?

Yes, those are the latest production builds.


Thank you for the update.


When was v147 pushed to the Hub?

Sorry, that was an error/brain typo: v147 is a test bulid on a handful of units. v143 is the production build. v143 on the Hub, v134 on the Tempest.

Somehow 147 was pushed down to my Hub. It appears the change happened 1-2 days ago.

I did a few hours ago when I saw your problem… it fixes a few things and since yours was showing offline with all the weird statuses … it did solve several wifi cases.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Interesting, I just recieved the Tempest a week ago and I had 147 already on the hub. What does the test build do?

Actually, “intermediate build” might be a better description than “test build”. One of the things v147 adds is support for configurable Wi-Fi and sub-GHz radio settings (necessary for systems in Australia and Europe).