New Tempest firmware: v134

The latest production Tempest firmware, v134, which is identical to v133 except for a few additional improvements, is (slowly) rolling out now. This build adds several minor improvements, including a fix for a bug that created a northerly direction bias under certain conditions, an issue that was causing backfill to occasionally fail, a preponderance of false “LIGHTNING_FAILED” flags from some stations with perfectly good lightning sensors, along with several other bugs and performance issues. It will take 7-10 days for this build to make it to all devices, so don’t panic if you are still on an older version for a few more days. Also, sensor sampling is disabled during the firmware update process so you may notice a gap in the observation time series of 8-12 minutes.


Hello buddy, I was told that the app 4.4 was going to 4.5 by now but I see no change, is this true or will there be a Much later version and what about radar being added? Will that effect the update. Thanks

This is an update for the Tempest device itself, not the applications on our mobiles.

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iOS version 4.05 is rolling out today. See full announcement here: Tempest App Updates

What time does the firmware typically updates?

There is no hour, it is a continuous process where device after device is upgraded (guess a few a time) … but since it is the Tempest it takes longer than the typical updates on our hub. It has to go via hub and radio link to the Tempest. It is rather slow to be sure the full update gets loaded before it actually updates … checksums etc …


My 134 update came this morning and looks to have taken 8 minutes. Screenshot_20200730-071455_Tempest|243x500


Thanks! I was curious if it does it overnight or what not.

My Tempest is still on firmware version 129. Would there be some reason that it isn’t updating?


that was 1 day ago :upside_down_face:

Sorry just noticed that 133 was skipped and will eventually roll out 134.


How do you check which version you have?

Go to the web interface (, click on settings, stations, your station, status.

In the application;
Press Settings
Press Stations
Press the station name
Press Onlne listed on Status
The version is listed on Firmware Revision

Thank you! I have v143 on mine unit (it’s a WeatherFlow) about a year old.

That is a SKY+AIR setup and the firmware you are referring to is on the hub. All hubs should have that firmware by now. This topic is about the firmware on the Tempest sensor it self, the successor to the SKY+AIR.

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I’m on version 126 but I just received my device. I guess if should update over the next few days.


Is v134 still being pushed to the Tempest sensors? Are you able to determine the percentage of sensors that have received the firmware update?

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The latest information I have is 75% of stations have been updated.