New Station (fantastic), Minor Assembly Problems

New station upstate, NY, Oct. 26, 2019, wonderful turn-key home weather station, connectivity and software set up was a breeze.

I did have some minor problems with assembly, possibly a bit more attention to quality control and tolerances is needed.

The solar panel fit and twist locked fine onto the sky unit, possibly a bit on the light/loose side, but probably okay. The seal left a bit of a notch around the outer circumference too, probably not a problem.

However, the pipe mount would not twist lock onto the bottom of the solar panel. It would turn a bit, but not to fully rotate and lock.

I though I saw some minor imperfections on the ends of the plug lines (not the center locking bumps) and tried to shave the tiniest amount of plastic off with a pocket knife. It got better, but still no joy.

Then I very gently put the pipe part flats in a vice with cardboard on either side, and finally was able to twist the part home and locked.

I generally add a tiny amount of electrical dielectric grease to contacts and seals that our outdoors (Dow Corning 4, green tube), and probably should have done that first as it might have provided some lubrication.

Anyway, the unit is now up on top of the garage, 10’ above an old tripod roof mount, came right on, and is reporting fine on WU, and running well. Looking forward to ordering a Tempest! Keep up the great work, and please watch QA and tolerances!