New Replacement Tempest unit - No rain detection

Hi All, I just received a new tempest unit that replaced my old tempest unit under warranty. I set it up and it is reporting everything but rain. We have had a bunch of snow and I didn’t know it that would register, so when it didn’t I really didn’t think much of it.

Last night it rained solidly for several hours and no detection of rain from the unit. Everything else reports beautifully.

I’ve searched forums, and settings in the app but don’t see a setting that would affect this. Any thoughts?


If you tap on the top or tapp the pole/mount with a pen, does it register rain?

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And what does your sensor status show ? Any failed sensors ?

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I’ll check when I get home.

sensor status says “Good”

it might only detect rain if at least some rain is expected (in an attempt do reduce false rain events)

Thanks Sunny, rain was in the forecast for several days prior to yesterday. We are expecting more rain this evening.

I tapped on the top of the unit and no detection. I also removed the unit from its pole and turned the unit off, then back on, placed it back on the pole and no rain detection when I tapped again.

Time to get @wfsupport involved…

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If it is a new the battery might below the threshold where it turns off the rain sensor. While it should have shipped with enough power maybe it was low. My unit fell below that last week and stopped reporting rain. Not sure of what that value is.

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Battery level is fine and sensor status is good.

I’m with @vinceskahan, might be time to contact @WFsupport. Maybe @eric has an idea.


Always a tricky one rain. There are so many rules in the false rain detection :slight_smile:
Your station clearly did not hear anything till now when there was rain the last days (not before, it was freezing and that is one of the rules, can’t be raining below some treshold).
I do see something changed in the system since yesterday (might be your reboot).
Tapping is not always working neither :slight_smile: the system learned that trick .

I see you have opened a ticket with support. They will help you out and if confirmed deaf, they will replace the device again.


Thanks Eric! It rained last night, temps were above freezing…expected to rain again this evening, temps in the upper 30’s.

Really appreciate everyone’s help.

What are ‘the rules’ specifically ? It certainly ‘can’ be raining below 32F and much lower. Even if it is sleet the sensor should feel the drops hit it.

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Just wanted to thank everyone for yoru responses and provide an update. Customer service acknowledged an issue and quickly replaced the unit. I got the nee unit up and running as soon as I received it, and we had some rain. Pleased to report all sensors are working and the rain was recorded. Great service all the way around!