Negretti & Zambra pocket forecaster

Some time ago there was a discussion inside a discussion about Zambretti weather codes. I recreated and redesigned a version of it, and just now made it available here
I’m not very well social connected in meteorology, but feel free to share a link to this in other media.


This is brilliantly done - congrats, really nice.


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a question is how to adapt this for the southern hemisphere. I can think of two opitons, reversing the wind direction scale, or swapping all occurrences of South with North and vice versa in the wind direction scale. I didn’t think hard enough yet to come up with the right answer.

This is pretty cool, I’ve never heard of it. Has my grears turning to model this into a 3D printed case, stick a NodeMCU 8266 in it and either display the current conditions with an LED light or putting a 360 degree continuous rotation servo in it with a needle.

The Negretti & Zambra (they combined their names to produce the Zambretti) Forecaster

which is a weather device akin to the Sager Weathercaster

which is incorporated into the WF PiConsole (labeled Sager.) Both work on the principle of Buys-Ballots Law of Meteorology. . . Standing with your back to the wind. . .the Low Pressure area will generally be on your Left (in the Northern Hemisphere). In the Southern Hemisphere. . .the directions are reversed: Standing with your back to the wind. . .the Low Pressure will be on your Right and the High Pressure area will be to your Left.