Negative lightning distance?

Negative Distance on lightning is back again! (Highlighted bottom part of image. . . Lightning distance is Negative One (-1). The Negative Distance was also displayed on ST-2827 (Tempest° WeatherSystem).

I have been having a ton of lighting for the past 2-3 days including today and I have not notice any negative like last time my hubs on 143 both tempest units on 133 did we ever get a answer why that happened last time

Thanks for the report! This is a display issue in the app (perhaps only the web app?) and will be addressed in a future release.

I’ve been seeing this for a few weeks.

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it is cosmetic. The center of the bar is the distance you should be using. A bar is used to give you some sense of accuracy. The accuracy of the sensor used to be kind of unspecified. It still is, for data measured by your own station. For those measurements there isn’t a problem. However the graphs now get filled with data from third party sources. Those might have different precision. But is can be kind of tricky. If the position of a strike is somehow calculated from various sources that precision might be, just as an example, +/- 2km. Now if the result of the calculation is more or less exactly over your station, the distance should be 0 +/- 2 km. If you were to truncate the error bar so it doesn’t go below zero, you get a bar, that goes from 0 to 2 km. But in that case the center of the bar is at 1km, not at 0, which would make it incorrect.
The correct way is of course a dot for each strike, each dot with its own error bar.
But that is not as aesthetically pleasing to watch as the above graph.
A solution would be a graph without the error bars. Then you just have to remember that the data can be somewhat imprecise.
One other solution is to show the third party data as a map around your station, but then that would exclude the measurement from your own station. Might be more informative though. @dsj


I pushed an update to the web app this afternoon that corrects the lightning negative distance issue.