Need a way to continuously live stream Tempest on my Facebook page

I have been trying to get a live feed from my Tempest on my Facebook weather page. I contacted Tempest tech support and they said that there was no API that hey knew of and to ask for it here… If it was a regular HTML based webpage, I could put my Tempest URL in an /iframe and it would work fine, but I cant find a way to make it work on Facebook.

Can someone come up with an app or api to enable a Tempest user to offer a live display of their Tempest weather on a Facebook post or timeline?

Thank you.

working via iframe was achieved already : Weatherflow web display using two iframes

What might be blocking is FB, there is a socket connection behind the page to update data, not sure FB will be happy with that.

Hi @iwilsker ,
Interesting idea. Do you have anything live streaming to facebook or can you share a link of some one who has or to your facebook weather page.
I have not seen it or tried it.
My initial thought until you get live streaming working is to simply provide the link to your tempest. There are a couple of privately created facebook groups which discuss the Tempest where people might know more how facebook works and might be interested in your idea. Search faceboook for Tempest.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile: