Nearby Rain Alerts

It would be neat if there was a feature in the Tempest app where if it’s raining at a nearby Tempest station, we’d get a “rain nearby” alert. Those might be more accurate than some of the other “rain approaching” alerts out there (like DarkSky).

Nice suggestion with the abilities to be able to add wind threshold alarm from surrounding station(s).


That would be a lot of fun as well!

Isn’t this the point of the Tempest One product?

There are two issues with TempestOne:

  1. For many Tempest users, it is overkill/out of their price range. Many Tempest users can’t afford $900/year on top of their Tempest hardware. It’s an enterprise tool, not a hobbyist tool. They don’t need all the features of Tempest One, just a handful of enhancements to the Tempest app instead. There needs to be an “in between” offering from the extremes of the current Tempest app and Tempest One. Maybe do something like Davis has done with WeatherLink Pro where consumers can pay a small yearly fee for extra “Pro” features in the app, but WeatherLink Pro is still a fraction of the cost of the enterprise-grade stuff that their parent company sells.

  2. For those of us who could afford Tempest One (I probably could with my new job, I pay that much per year for Baron), it’s not near mature enough yet to warrant that form of investment. I took the trial. While there are a few neat features in it, it has a long way to go before I could recommend it as an offering to enterprises over more established products such as Baron, Earth Networks, OneRain, etc. I’d even recommend GREarth+CONUS Lightning over it at the moment.

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I echo this on my end as well with the same multi software testing experience as parkernathan.