Near Cast toggle removed from app?

Is the Near Cast toggle in the Android app gone for everyone else too?

settings > stations > choose your station > manage devices > choose a device > Advanced >
…it’s not there for me

If I log in via web, it is there though.

EDIT: I just noticed that even though option is available in web, I cannot turn it on. Clicking the switch shows it turned on, but when you refresh, it’s back off.

I see the option on my iPhone app, but it is turned off. I can turn it on, but when I exit and go back to the page, it is off again.

I’m on Android. I do have an iPhone and I just checked and Near Cast is there on that phone, but I’m seeing the same behavior of it turning off when I go back in.

Noticing same thing with my app as well.

I pinged support via chat and they confirmed it was happening on their end too. They are researching.


What in world is going on with WF this past week? Multiple things getting changed for the worse.


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It hasn’t been removed from the apps. There is an issue with the endpoint that is being worked on.

Edit: Fix was just pushed, try the toggle again.


It looks like it is working again. Thank you.

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Back working on Android