MyPWS Guest weather app

No longer available Please delete thread .


Nice! Are you planning on making an iOS version?

i hope you got weatherflow’s permission to do so, using their design etc. But nice job, some people are asking for this.

It appears to just use their website.

FYI, Apple will not let you have an app in their store that is just a view of a website. It’s in their guidelines.

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I actually wonder if Weather Flow would be happy with you naming the app after their products. I know Facebook doesn’t like that. That’s why “Better Facebook” had to change it’s name to “Social Fixer”.

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WeatherFlow is rather silent on this matter at the moment. @dsj has stated the WeatherFlow is working on a document which will outline the allowed used of registered trademarks and logos.


Nice little app, Brian! We love it when third-party developers add features that users are asking for.The ability for owners to share their station with more functionality than just the web-based “share page” is something that’s been on our roadmap for a while, though it is not at the top of the priority list yet. It looks like your app could provide a work-around until we have that feature built into our apps.

That said, it does appear that your apps may have a few issues with some of our policies and guidelines for third-party apps. As Gary, mentioned, we don’t have a brand guidelines doc yet, but you should probably review our remote data access policy and our general terms of use. Meanwhile, we’ll review your app this week and get back to your with some specifics soon.


Just to let you know that I had a friend to install your app on his android phone and it kept freezing up and restarting.

I have pushed updates today that should stop the crashes. At least I hope . Should also be available on more devices

Did you read the pages that @dsj sent?

I did thank you… He likes my app …


Update changed name of app