My first wow! moment

I wanted to post that I had my first wow! moment with The Tempest weather station today on day three of installation. It was a cloudless blue sky here in this part of Kentucky and about 87 degrees. I got a lightning alert from The Tempest weather station on my phone and was really surprised. There was absolutely nothing going on. So I pulled up the radar and sure enough, about 27 miles in the next county a small cell had developed. Before the day was over there were over 700 lightning strikes registered and 42/100 of rain. I was amazed that the very first hint of any storm or rain was an alert from the Tempest weather station.

And I really appreciate the friendliness and welcome into the group here. And the responsiveness of the staff. Iā€™m so thankful I went with the Tempest when needing a new weather station.

Thanks all.