My experience with WF so far

… is very good. I still trust my Davis more but getting more and more confidence to WF. What I really like is how FAST it detects the rain! And the wind speed measurement is very good especially for my conditions with very gusty (not steady) winds. The cups have inertia and cannot compete with WF.
Things that WF needs to improve are:

  • wind measurement when buttons are wet/very humid
  • more confidence to rain totals (however, it matches the Davis very well!)
  • a solar power supply for the Sky
  • more hints to users how to mount the Sky to be less sensitive to vibrations (this also improved for me over the last few weeks)

Very good, WF, and thanks for continuous improvements and support.


A follow up:

  • excellent wind gust reading compared to Davis
  • rain total very good, except for rain that lasts long (e.g. 2 days)
  • mixed result for the solar data

We are having very specific and gusty winds lately. I observe both, the DVP2 and WF. It seems the WF typically records much higher gusts than DVP2. Apart from academic rain measurement, I suppose the wind measurement was calibrated and studied very well, right? I really like how the WF records the gusts. It will go to even more gusty location soon so hopefully the solar power supply option will soon be available (as a beta tester, at least?).
BTW, is it possible to purchase another WF set to Europe (at least I as an original backer)?