Moving to a new address

Just bought a snowbird house in Az. Currently reside in Wa. Can I take my Tempest with me in the fall for a second destination, or do I gave to purchase a new one and setup website install down there?

You can take everything and use it at the new location. The settings and automatic calibrations will be incorrect for the new location but it will still work and record data.
If your wifi is a different name and password you will need to use the app to connect the hub to the different wifi.
You might like to change the station location and height so that the sea level pressure is correct.
If you contact support they can set everything back to factory settings as if you have a new station.
The issue comes with what you wish to do with your historical data. There is no reason why you need to loose the history.
Another issue if you do not change your location is that the raincheck and pressure calibrations will be incorrect.
Support might offer you options. Lodge a support call to discuss your options.
If you wish to keep your settings as they are ready for when you return back home then ask support if they can turn off the automatic calibrations.
Also search this forum where people are using a Tempest on their mobile home for example.
The simplest which I would do is to not change any settings other than wifi and realise that some figures are not correct. Then when you move back it is all ready to go and all the history simply has periods where it was some where else.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thank you for the detailed reply but I think I would like to monitor my info in Wa when in Az so Ill buck up for a 2nd Tempest. TU


Do I use the same app location for the 2nd Tempest?

You use the same app for both stations. You will see two stations when you tap the down arrow beside the station name. That is how you change which station you are viewing.

When you get your second station to set up in AZ, just open the app, select Settings, Stations and select the + in the upper right hand corner of the screen to add the new station.

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And when you add the new station it will create its own new location. Every device linked to that new hub/station adopts the location for that hub.
The station/hub has a height which is like how high your house is above sea level. And each Tempest has a height which is the height above ground. Adjusting any of those heights will effect the sea level barometric pressure reading.
When you view your data on a web page there is a drop down to select which station you wish to view.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:


I will be moving soon too. I realize the calibrations will be incorrect for my new location. I believe if I do nothing they should adjust automatically over a few weeks. Is that correct?


Indeed calibration will follow as long you set the correct place in the app. It uses many different sources and if the location is wrong, it will influence your calibration. Just the location is important, not the public location as that will be ignored internally.

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That was gonna be my suggestion. AZ weather is SO different from your main home, you’ll have fun monitoring it when you’re not there.