Moving Tempest, do I reset it?

i turned it off and moved it to a better location at house. But when i turned it back on it says 100% chance of rain, yet no clouds in the sky. Am i supposed to reset it somehow. Distance moved was 15’. Thanks in advance!!

You probably inadvertently triggered a false rain event. It should revert back to normal conditions.

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You can just go into the app and set the new location and also height above ground.

I dont see in settings where i can make those changes

Check out this post for more information.

I also have this question. I’ve moved the tempest, and the elevation and height above ground need to be updated. The detailed app instructions don’t seem to answer that question, at least I can’t find it.

Item 23 for station location and height, item 27 to change height above ground.

Found it. For others wondering, you click on the longitude / latitude setting, after which a map comes up and you just select the location of the station on the map, and the gps coordinates fill automatically, as does the elevation above sea level.

If you want to manually enter the coordinates you use the web version of your station.