Most accurate way to set up my location

Hello, can someone tell me what the most accurate way is to tell tempest your exact location for elevation and address to your backyard? I’m just making sure because lately my barometric pressure has been falling behind by 3 or 4 bars, not keeping up to the point that it use to. Not. Sure why this is happening or any true way to correct it.

it gets the elevation automatically from the location you put it on the map. The height you enter is the height above the ground. After that it should display the barometric pressure correctly. But of course that isn’t always as accurate as you are hoping for. Good thing is, it will self calibrate. So give it a couple of weeks and you should be set.

Thanks a million, I understand what your saying but this isn’t a new setup I have had tempest since last July, and now it’s going off more then I have seen for some time. Pressure is off a good 4 bars on the low side. I’m using the arrow over my house and I’m around 30 feet off the ground from under my deck to the top of tempest off my deck railing on a 5 foot tripod. I don’t know what more I could do to get it back on track with my other barometric instruments like it used to be, or why it has seperated more so of late. We are experiencing really low humidity the last 3 days here in pennsylvania like I haven’t seen for a long time if that’s any excuse.

4 bars is a lot, a real lot, but even 4mbar is more than it should be. If it used to be on par with your other instruments and you didn’t change the location or height, than perhaps you did receive a calibration, but perhaps something was wrong with it. Can you see a sudden jump of 4mBar in the data? Or perhaps it just went slowly off and is in need for a calibration. You could just wait and see if it corrects itself again.

Maybe @eric can peak behind the scenes and see what might be happening.

Thanks once again, all good advice and it’s been more of a gradual drop off I think, and it has found its way back before, not so sure this time around. I’m willing to see what happens in a few more days. If still not good I’ll give the calibration a try. We just got my humidity squared away it wasn’t reporting the lower humidity readings but now it’s reads much better on the low side, I’m hoping that translates correctly on the high side as well. Thanks again maybe it will get better on its own, I should know inside the next week for sure.

the calibration will happen automatically, just wait for it. No telling when it will happen.

last calibration was applied about a week ago, next round might happen in a eek or so (seems to be the average on your station)

I don’t know if maybe these calibrations are doing more harm then good because if one was applied about a week ago that is when my barometric pressure started falling behind and hasn’t readjusted since. I wonder if it would be somehow better to let it read what pressure is at my location without any adjustments? I’m just hoping it will get better again.