More power saving options

The amount of light/solar radiation we get depends very much on where we live, my Tempest “died” couple days ago since we just don’t get enough sunshine at this time of the year. I think there should be either a more “intelligent” power saving option, where the weather station takes both coordinates and last days charging amount into account, or that the user/owner could tell the weather station to go into “winter/darkness” mode. I think it would be better to have temperature reading as seldom as once or twice an hour instead of nothing at all.

Thank you,

O , you are in Finland. I bet you can’t wait to add the expected power booster before next winter.

Great ideas but the distribution of stations isn’t really following the latitude of the station. Weather is way more complicated which makes location decisions like that difficult. A user enabled mode or maybe one which has learned the weather patterns for the site location might work. The power booster will make this largely irrelevant, however.

Yes, it is pretty dark here in winter :slight_smile: Seeing a lot of “No recent observation.” on the station-map now. And yes, I am absolutely hoping I can get my hands on a power booster before next winter! I still think more power saving options would be good, because I think a lot of people would be happy sacrifice even more sensor readings as long as the station would make it through the darkest times of the year. Even that would probably not be enough to help my station get through the whole winter, but it might be enough for some people :slight_smile: