More customizable alerts on the app

I feel having customizable alerts on the app such as wind gust higher than “X” or temperature lower than “Y” would be very helpful.


that could probably also satisfy people that want “lightning alerts when closer than X”

Would you be willing to pay a monthly fee for the ability to define custom push alerts? I suspect that the aggregated cloud processing power needed for custom alerts beyond rain/lightning for everyone is not trivial, which is why it has not been done yet…

A variation on the theme here, but I would LOVE to change the location of items. I would MUCH rather have my wind and rain info above pressure data. But, then again, maybe I am alone on this.

If you are talking about the card or grid display, you can. Just tap and hold a line and it can then be moved to another location.

Thank you - I was happy to see that in the app. Unfortunately, it work work on my MacBook Air looking at it on Safari no in Google Chrome. It works great in the app but I guess it doesn’t transfer to the on line views. But I appreciate your help on the app view!

If your Macbook is running on Apple CPU silicon, it can run the iPhone/iPad version of the WF-T app…

Thank you sir - I had tried to search initial using Weatherflow… but it is there with Tempest and I downloaded it, And, it updated the changes I made on my phone app, too. Thanks!

Are you sure you are logged in to your WF account on the browser? Changes I make in the app show up on the web page version.

I am sure if this Tempest is my station on the web on my Safari. I had the same results with this on Chrome. But, not to worry, I’m just using the app and referring to that.