Modify Icon at top of app to indicate temperature trend, rising or falling. Android

I did a search but found this suggested back in 2018. It’s now well into 2022 and it seems that this would be a simple addition to the application.

I live where it gets very cold in the winter and one of the first things I often want to know in the morning is whether the temperature is still trending lower or whether we’ve hit the bottom low and and are now trending higher.

Given that this topic, [App] Android Widgets (In Development) - #31 by WFstaff, has been closed with the comment that widgets are coming, you may get the information you want from a widget.

In any case, you should vote for your topic using the Vote button at the top of the topic, assuming you have votes left.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I’m not personally interested in addressing a widget as widgets require software maintenance as well and it seems that development on the software side of things is incredibly slow. I’m also just not a widget fan on my phone screen. Since the app is the primary way to setup a station and interact with the device I would suspect it would get more attention and regular updating. I really just want to see the temperature trend in the same simple way I see barometric pressure. Is it going up, or down?

Does Android even allow what you want? That would still require app maintenance if something changes in Android requirements so I don’t know how what you are requesting is any different than supporting a small widget.

FWIW, there are still no votes on your request. Have you used all of yours on other feature requests?

Yes, of course Android allows it. It would be as simple as adding something like what is already used to display barometric pressure trend. Either down, steady or rising. I haven’t voted on anything yet. It seems odd that you would have to waste a limited vote on your own feature requests though. That’s rather counter intuitive.

Ok, I think I misread what you were really asking. I was stuck on the icon on the Android homescreen but as I re-read what you wrote I don’t think that is what you’re talking about. I think you’re wanting added to the temperature card in the app, not the app icon, right? Basically duplicate the up arrow in the following screenshot to some place in the temperature card.

As for voting for your feature request, by you not voting for it, you are implying that you want other requests over yours. You can vote for it and then remove your vote later if you want.

Yes, exactly. Though I would also go so far as to say there should be a similar element on the home screen or forecast screen so it’s immediately available at a glance. For instance there is an animated active display for wind intensity as well as direction on that home screen as well as the little arrow in the circle to indicate pressure trend. The same should be there for temperature.