Missing Data

I keep having data gaps in my station’s reporting, for up to 8-10 minutes at a time at times. At first, it was occurring once/twice a day, but now it happens multiple (5-10) times a day. I thought maybe my Air needed its batteries replaced, but it’s also happening at the exact same times for data from my Sky, and that one’s solar powered. I also tried unplugging the hub, to no avail. Station is only 1.5 years old, help!

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It seems there may be issues with the WeatherFlow servers and it is being investigated.

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I just read that the latest firmware update can cause this, but it’s happening often…mostly 1-5 minute outages, but several of these longer stretches are evident…could it be the firmware is attempting and failing to update over and over?

i had an hour gap on Saturday with my Tempest. Left a ticket with support. Only time I’ve noticed this. Not overly concerned right now - the station has been humming along.

I saw exactly the same behaviour earlier (it may have even been at the exact same time depending on what your time zone is), so I imagine the WF servers had a bit of a wobble as Gary said.


I have noticed at least 3 such occasions over the last week or so.

What time was the gap? I had one from 12:44 PDT through 13:47 PDT. It started working when I opened the app to see why the Android notification was devoid of weather data.

Just confirmed with developers … there are still problems server side with the mass of data coming in. They are working on it but it might take the week to get all going smooth again. Not much we can do expect be patient …

Sorry for this, guess a luxury problem with so many stations coming online :upside_down_face:


Hi Eric, that’s totally ok! Thanks so much for getting back to us! I was just worried my hub was on the fritz, you all take your time fixing it, it’s a great product!

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Thanks, guys. This is our top priority at the moment.


i have an entry at 3:45 PM EST on 7/18 and the next one was at 4:50 EST. Seems like the same time…

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I just had my longest gap this morning from 10:36 to 10:49 Central time during the middle of a thunderstorm. My station id is 22792.

I’m starting to see the gaps too. I also have my station set up to send data to Weather Underground, and it stopped sending to WU today, about 2:37 pm CST.

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My Weatherflow station showed data gaps between approximately 2:30 and 7:00AM this morning. My Wunderground station has been offline since approximately 4:30PM this afternoon.

I’m in an outage too. No tempest updates since 720pm est. No weather underground either

Things are back at 805 pm. WU back too.

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Hi. Today’s hiccup was something new. Please see System hiccup today for more info

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I am having missing data today few times. Also having problem with the winds sensor.
winds were not that high at all at 7pm. Also seem that is just before data lost. After that time my winds have not been correct since. It say my winds are 41mph right now. It is not blowing that hard right now.

My winds reading started to mess up after system problems you were having. My winds are still having problems. Still showing sw at 43.7 mph. Winds are not even close to that right now. Maybe 2-5 mph only.

That’s very odd! Can you check whether any debris has got lodged in the wind-sensing slot on your Tempest? Something caught in there would cause similar behaviour.