Missing data in app and web UI

I note this morning that I have a gap in my graphs between 19.10 and 22.05 on 5th December UK time. Missing data is from SKY, Air and Tempest.

This missing data applies to both IOS app and the web screen.

Natural thought, both hubs have gone off. Though that was not the case.
Checked messages and nothing from Weatherflow.

I also monitor my tempest using weatherflow and that data is presented for the same time. (uses cron to access Weatherflow servers)

I also checked the data on my Turkish Site and that is also missing data at the same time. (different accounts). Different continents

Appreciate others checking if also missing data.

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Yes, I also see the same in the UK at the same time as you. My Weewx data does not contain gaps which suggests this is a display issue rather than a data outage issue. Maybe @eric can shed some light on this?

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I see it too but have no explanation.

Let’s copy @corrineb as she is the master of the bucket engineers.

This is UTC +1

Same thing for my 4 WF | t° stations in the U.S. (Nebraska) yesterday from 1:10PM CST (19:10 UTC) to 4:05PM CST (22:05 UTC).


Just had news, there was a problem with the ‘bucket’ generation. All 1 minute data is there but the other zoom levels are blank and will stay as is … a gap
Sorry from the technical people.

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New update

the gaps will be filled the coming hours as the bucket generation will be relaunched for the period. :grinning: