Minimum Temperature

How is the headline minimum temperature of 8c calculated? The lowest overnight temp is 13c according to hourly figures, this aligns with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology 12c.

It’s a Forecast. In other words, its a guess as to what it might be.

@Trial_Master I think there is a bug here. I also see that the hourly forecast temperature does not drop below 13c, so I can’t see how the daily forecast minimum could be 8c

Thanks Gary. What are the hourly figures based on out of curiosity?

Thanks Peter, it didn’t make a bunch of sense to me either.

To be honest I also don’t see a 23c in your hourly forecast (the highest is 21c), so it’s not clear why the daily maximum is 23c. I am going to tag @corrineb who will be able to look into this/explain our misunderstanding after the weekend.

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It’s 21:13 here now, so I’m guessing that was based on earlier today maximum temperature?

Good point! I forget that the hourly forecast values disappear as the day passes, but the daily values remain.

So could there have been an 8c value between midnight and now as that would also explain the 8c minimum?

The minimums here currently are more 12-15c definitely not 8c. Be good to find out where the 8c came from though.

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i think there actually might be a problem. I reported the same thing with the max temperature here Temperature forecast, but it that case it could perhaps still be valid. But together with your lows not matching the hourly, it is getting a bit strange.

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@Trial_Master We are taking a closer look at things now. I’ll keep you posted.

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Came from the front now over NZ.