Minimum and maximum amounts

My current old TFA weather station has an option to measure highest / lowest temperature from one year back (roling year?) and highest rainfall on daily basis (also roling year).

Would such a thing be difficult to integrate in WS?

Not a urgent issue, but if possible I would like it.

Can you please be more explicit ? WS = ??

Sorry, ment Weather Flow

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Hi @blackbird . Everything is possible when you start with the right network and data systems. We actually developed a monthly newsletter of stats including individualized station superlatives like highest / lowest temp, winds, rain, etc. We paused the project to focus on the core station technology and performance. We’ll resurrect and launch in due time. Here’s a draft monthly email design in case you’re curious:



Just can say “WOW!”

You guys know how to please us :beers:

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Looks great (hoping for metric units :wink:


…and yes, we pull in trusted multi-year climate data for your exact location to compute the “Historical Average” so that the individual user has a statistical baseline for which to compare against.


Except for the external data from other stations (which could be brought in from an external source) you can do this now if you archive your data with a third-party application like WFArchive. You can research the third-party applications here: