Meteobridge reports rain, Tempest doesn’t

I’ve only had the Tempest for a few days, but it was very easy to get it hooked up to an existing Meteobridge. This evening I pulled up Wunderground and saw that the station had reported 2.5” of rain for today, but it hasn’t rained. Meteobridge live data currently shows rain data coming in from the Tempest, but the Tempest app correctly shows no rain.

The Tempest app shows a check mark on the rain icon, so it appears that the data is being corrected, but not before Meteobridge gets it.

Is there anything I can do to fix the data going to the Meteobridge?

The Meteobridge listens to the UDP packets from the Tempest Hub. The packets are the raw data with only calibrations applied. The information the app receives has been processed by the WeatherFlow servers. One of those processes is eliminating false rain. Another one is NearCast Rain (fka Rain Check), assuming you are in North America.

The best thing to do is to look at how your Tempest sensor is mounted. Search the form for false rain for posts about how others mitigated false rain. Note that false rain can be caused by high frequency vibrations in the mount whereas low frequency wobbling of the mount is unlikely to cause false rain. The units I have mounted on an 8 foot wooden closet rod and on a fiberglass RV flag pole do not have much issue with false rain.