Meteobridge now has built upload

you can now upload Weatherflow data to the new beta service offered by go here to login or register


reboot meteobridge device

goto weather networks and select windy

windymb unique id)

example -f1243459,28.542,8

add API key generated click save thats it job done …

allow 30 minutes or so for station to appear

remember its a new service dont expect everything to look ok but im sure in time it will come together



Thanks. Lots to explore on this service.
Added my station.

Good to hear from you Brian, will add mine when the Easter madness subsides.

hello gary

glad you find it of use just be aware its early days with so things might change or have some teething issues.

as for weatherflow there is a slimmed down version for weatherflow users who use meteobridge more info found here but it was put together and tested with recent hardware 2019 i is a non maintained version as it does not really require any upkeep and is not dependent on any cloud data etc .basically built in the trusted version of the meteobridge release . anyway take care think thats you mentioned on the info page :grin: but i am terrible for names especially forum names … more info at

and yes i no longer am involved in any versions all handed over to respected developers now to maintain going forward ,spent a few months looking for reliable developers and enthusiasts i think they share a wealth of knowledge between them… yours sincerely brian

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Thanks again mate, I hope you enjoy a well deserved hiatus from constant refinements, always a cold beer here champ!

Hi and thank you for this opportunity :slightly_smiling_face:
I did 1st step registered myself with and rebooted my WeatherFlow device.
Well and then I got confused dont know where I can find this weather networks. Could you pls send me web url.
I registered here but I can not find the picture you added here :frowning: so a think that I;m in wrong place :smiley:

Can anybody please Help me :frowning: ?

You should ask your questions on the Meteobridge forum. The author does not visit here.

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It’s not a WeatherFlow option. You have to be using Meteobridge to send weather data to different services. The 2nd picture is of the control panel for the Meteobridge software. I literally just now followed the instructions and everything worked fine. The link below is to my WF station on Windy.


as above sorry i dont get here much …i do try to follow whenever i can…brian

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@Weather34 Brian “Weather34” nice to see you here too mate. I’m now working on getting my Weatherflow, meteobridges, and Davis devices working nicely like yours. Glad to see you as an enthusiast still (and yet so much more) :wink: . BTW, thank you for your diagram in wxforum also showing your UPS setup;

Very helpful for me. My setup is now very similar, except your NanoSD is a PRO for me, and my weather34 template is running on a RaspberryPi. May I ask what you made that diagram in so I may reciprocate? I’ll add Windy to my Weatherflow meteobridge now.

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I use Adobe Illustrator (AI) or Sketch to create the vectors , i do have the originals i did available in layers to make it easy to add or remove items…do you mean something like this ??

tell me what you hardware you got and if you can work in SVG i can zip up each each individual piece of hardware and you can build your own diagram.i have all Davis vectors and Weatherflow vectors .

ps i may not respond in a timely manner but will do when I get the chance…brian


Oh, excellent. Close, but not quite. I just got off of my roof, I was up there mounting my Weatherflow with Solar charging to my Davis mast. :smile: Looks to be working great. My WF devices connect to a Meteobridge like yours. The Davis VP w/DTA (Solar/UV and Wind on the roof mast wireless, the rest on the ground mast) go through a MB Pro, which reports to my Weather34 template running on an RBPi I also like running my VP2 console, so I have a Metebrodge NANO-SD in my console, which a Moteino with a 915MHz transceiver gathers the data from the 2 Davis transmitters, and sends to the console. All 3 Meteobridges send to different weather services, and all 3 go to for comparison.
For working with SVG, I haven’t yet, my son is pretty good with Photoshop, and we are both willing to give it a shot in AI, and hopefully we’ll learn some new tricks in the process. :wink: