Meteobridge device

Yup, that was it, it is receiving live data. Now we just need to figure out why the Weatherflow hub has a problem with strong pass phrases on WPA2-PSK, when the meteobridge has no problems with the same SSID and pass phrase.

I use a Hex passphrase so haven’t had any issues with it. It is plenty long so reasonably secure, especially since my neighbors are quite a ways away.

does it have some weird characters like % $ etc by any chance ? I saw in the past when a PW had those it refused to link in my case. Since, I avoid those weird characters and it works ok even with longer strings.

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It is 63 character upper and lower case alpha numeric. No special characters or anything.

I use WPA2 as well, only 13 characters on the pass, but it works fine.

Right, I think the problem may be when using the full 63. If it supports the spec, it should support all 63 characters. I’m not going to change my pass on ~90 devices just to make this one work. :wink: Instead it would be smart to make the one support the spec all the others do.
Until then it will have to sit on my guest wifi as an outcast :frowning: until it supports the secure wifi that all of my other IOT devices do, then it can move to the secure wifi with the others :slight_smile:

As always, fantastic contribution Brian , will be giving it a run for sure , cheers my friend !

I suspect that a factor in Boris’ response is that he is located in Europe, and nobody there can get their hands on the hardware yet.

Personally, I tossed my MB into the e-junk drawer several years ago, when Boris decided to start charging existing customers for an annual subscription to receive software updates.

WeeWX for the win at my house…


I tried Meteobridege for a short time. I found it interesting but it didn’t do anything I wanted or needed. ArchiveSW does exactly what I need and it interfaces with my home automation.

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What platform are you using for your home automation?

The Universal Devices ISY.

you can now upload Weatherflow data to the new beta service offered by go here to login or register Windy Stations

reboot meteobridge device

goto weather networks and select windy

Windy: Wind map & weather forecast(your unique id)

example -f1243459

add API key generated click save thats it job done …

allow 30 minutes or so for station to appear

remember its a new service dont expect everything to look ok but im sure in time it will come together


Thanks. Lots to explore on this service.
Added my station.

Good to hear from you Brian, will add mine when the Easter madness subsides.

hello gary

glad you find it of use just be aware its early days with so things might change or have some teething issues.

as for weatherflow there is a slimmed down version for weatherflow users who use meteobridge more info found here Weather34 Aurora MKII Meteobridge weather station template but it was put together and tested with recent hardware 2019 i is a non maintained version as it does not really require any upkeep and is not dependent on any cloud data etc .basically built in the trusted version of the meteobridge release . anyway take care think thats you mentioned on the info page :grin: but i am terrible for names especially forum names … more info at Weather34 Aurora MKII Meteobridge weather station template

and yes i no longer am involved in any versions all handed over to respected developers now to maintain going forward ,spent a few months looking for reliable developers and enthusiasts i think they share a wealth of knowledge between them… yours sincerely brian

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Thanks again mate, I hope you enjoy a well deserved hiatus from constant refinements, always a cold beer here champ!

Hi and thank you for this opportunity :slightly_smiling_face:
I did 1st step registered myself with and rebooted my WeatherFlow device.
Well and then I got confused dont know where I can find this weather networks. Could you pls send me web url.
I registered here The Weather Network - Weather forecasts, maps, news and videos but I can not find the picture you added here :frowning: so a think that I;m in wrong place :smiley:

Can anybody please Help me :frowning: ?

You should ask your questions on the Meteobridge forum. The author does not visit here.

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It’s not a WeatherFlow option. You have to be using Meteobridge to send weather data to different services. The 2nd picture is of the control panel for the Meteobridge software. I literally just now followed the instructions and everything worked fine. The link below is to my WF station on Windy.