Meteobridge and TP link TL-MR3020 - cant get to work

I just cant get the meteobridge firmware into the router, via tftp. Flash wifi menu doesnt work for newer TPlink routers, but for the life of me I just cant flash it…
Anyone done this recently?
I have tried all the IP addresses suggested - have tried running a TFTP logger… all to no avail.
Seems I throw away this router I purchased…


The best place for help on that is over on the Meteobridge forum.

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As Gizmo said , the forum is the best place but it can take time for replies,
Honestly after researching the options I purchased a licensed version with support, Boris is a good guy and will help in any way he can. BTW the router you purchased was worth like 30 bucks, just repurpose it, great little unit. after the initial purchase cost and 19euros for 2 years support and upgrades it is an awesome way to distribute your data.

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