Max Battery Charge


My battery used to always show a MAX of 2.80. After a somewhat longer period without sun for a few days, where it was never able to fully recharge, it now will only Max out at 2.79. I know this is minimal, etc., but I wanted to ensure that this wasn’t a sign that I may have some issues down the road. I imagine it’s within the “tolerance” for the battery and its’ readings, but just wanted to check.



I have one that never charges above 2.76V, not even the first time.
The range between 2.80V and 2.60V is kind of exponential anyway. It charges very quickly in that range, but also discharges quickly. There isn’t a lot of energy in that range. So even when there is some loss in max voltage, it doesn’t mean you loose a lot of energy. (unless that 2.6V value also starts dropping, that I don’t know)


To add to what @sunny said, some Tempests only charge to a little over 2.6V. If your Tempest charges to a max of 2.6-2.8V then I’d say all is well. Also, If it is like the SKY, the voltage measurement is a lower priority process so it may not always catch the extreme voltages, furthermore, the precision of the voltage measuring may be less than ±0.01V.

Thanks to you both. I will just keep and eye on it. I felt it was not an issue, but just wanted to get it out there.

Stu E.

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Mine charged to 2.82 volts every day here in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately the pole mount failed on me recently and the Tempest fell to the concrete ground. Luckily it didn’t smash like others but now has scratches and dents all over it. Hopefully when I get the replacement mount it will charge back up to 2.82 volts.

I had to turn it off as I didn’t want to waste battery power while it’s lying down on the table not really gathering sunlight. I’m scared to have it standing not attached to anything as a gust of wind may destroy it for good. I just hope the replacement pole mount is stronger than the one that broke into 2 bits!

while waiting for a replacement mount, you could use a tripod with the other mount that was included.

My Tempest never goes higher than 2.78 volts - but it has never shut down for lack of power. Lowest I’ve seen is 2.53 volts.


We have had some sunny days here lately. My unit has charged back up to 2,8 volts on two consecutive days now. Working great, as always!

Stu E.