Marine version for yacht / sailboat Request update on previous threads 2019 & 2020 that report WF was collaborating wit sailing club is Ozupdate on or

WF support suggested I make a formal feature request for The idea of configuring a WF tempest to use on the top of a sail boat / yacht mast. Requires at least ability to set 0degrees to line up with the bow of the boat. Commercial marine developers have done digital anemometers but they don’t give full weather as well which is really important to sailors, especially those using wind power and with a big metal or carbon fibre post sticking up into the sky for lightening to hit. The previous posts mentioned industry standard comma protocols (NMEA…) so I know cleverer people than me have or are thinking about it. Has it all gone quite because somebody is try to produce a commercially sensitive package? Donald McLintock
Topsham ( Devon UK) Sailing Club

This is something that I have been interested in since Day 1 with WF.
I am willing to put some effort and some $$ into making this happen.
I have a software engineering background and have already implemented some WF-connected solutions.


Hi Sam,

It’s good to hear that there are others still interested. I have no software programming or development experience. I retired as a UK GP (family physician) this year. I live in Devon and you can find my station in the southwest by using the tag Sunhill.
Weather flow finally released Tempest to UK market only this year. Brexit also added £60 in import duties to the cost.
I am content to support by testing and possibly even investing in a project that would lead to a useable marine version of the system.
Having been part of the scientific community for 40years I would prefer a cooperative route but I am not really sure of the ethos of the WF community.
Do they prefer third party developments to be entrepreneurial?
I would still like to hear what happened to the previous ventures, I don’t want to reinvent a wheel or knock against the same brick walls.
Let me know what you think

Donald McLintock

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what are you hoping for? is the weatherflow on top of the mast all there is to it? with a correction for which way the boat is pointing? If so, I would go for one of the third party integrations and add a digital compass to it to determine the direction of the boat. Read the compass and correct the wind direction accordingly. However the wind direction obviously also depend on the speed you are going so you might want to add a gps tracker to it (which could give you speed and direction, but direction only if you are moving, so you still need a compass). A tiny bit of programming skill is required to read the gps and compass, do the calculation (just subtract two vectors) and display the correct wind speed and direction. I can’t help you with that, but it should be easy enough.


Paying import duties in the UK on items shipped from the US is not a consequence of Brexit. It has always been the case

I PM’d you about this.

Sent you a few PMs about this…