Map Information Missing

I am a new owner of the Tempest. and have sorted out all of setup etc… however when I had a look at the map of the world and the sensors there in, I noticed that none of the tempests were displaying any data. That includes mine. I have settle unit up for Public Data so my understanding is that the data should be displayed against the station. Has anyone else noticed this?

What map are you trying as I just tested logged in and logged out, both work …

If your talking about the embedded map that shows your station and other stations and you are using Google Chrome as your browser. You can fix it by checking out this guide.

If not using Google Chrome, can you give more information?

I was using the app on Samsung tablet accessing via setup and the TempestWX (Map), this takes me to the browser with the world map and the Tempest stations globally. When l look at any information about the station l get a blank field. This also happens with an Apple iMac

On my samsung tablet using samsung internet browser, going from a web page and i dont usually use the app. If i am in mobile version if i touch a tempest icon on the map i get a full screen display of its values. If i select desktop view the readings are displayed beside the map.

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

This is what I am getting and this is from the Apple iMac, does not matter which station i look at

Hi Ian

I had to carroy out some digging into the VPN settings to work out where the problem lay. It looks the Tempest and Weatherflow sites were blocked from being accessed. Once these were given access the map started ok. Took some digging around to find the VPN blocks.