Malfunction of pressure sensor

I just installed the station a d this night the pressure dropped from 1000mbar to 700.

Is that a sign of a software issue or an actual malfunction of the sensor?


you might try a reset (press and hold the led-button at the bottom of the tempest. If it happens again, contact support.

The Sensor Status says OK and the battery voltage is fine so do as @sunny suggested. If it doesn’t fix it or it returns then open a support ticket. There is a link at the top of this page.

Yeah, definitely open a support ticket if that doesn’t fix it. I had a very similar issue with my first unit where all the sensors reported OK but it wasn’t reporting any pressure/humidity values.

Turned out this was an issue WF support had not seen or come across before.

Looks like my pressure sensor is broken. I will get a new unit! Thanks for the comments!