Low uv readings?

yes, but you can ask that they switch which one they use (which I did, and they did, so my graphs now show the prod tempest)


So nobody knows why a lower UV reading would have higher Brightness and Higher solar radiation Than a higher UV number ,Or am I not explaining my question properly. Maybe a bug that was addressed in firmware on tempest unit or is that math did in Hub

That is one of the things I mentioned when I originally brought up my low uv readings. The nearby sky Air unit i was comparing mine with had a much higher UV but lower solar radiation numbers. Not sure if calibration issue as was suggested or a bug.

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I have assumed that it was because each one is a calculated value from the raw output of the sensor and therefore each one needs its own calibration.

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If this is true, why am I so special that I can get the graph of any device I want? For example:
image image

Well, look at that. I’m wrong again.

Someday I should actually open the applications and use it.

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If you select it from the card it seems to work as expected but while you are viewing the card selection try to pull up different things from the drop down menu that is where the first device as Gary Clarified is what is the only one viewable anything selected from card comes up as expected but drop down comes up as first device only At least for me

Confused the heck out of me

Still no answer on question #1 in above post ? Really getting confused now :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

So what you are saying then is that seeing how I have bothe Tempest on same hub and FT unit has been calibrated Production unit is using math for FT unit ? Or Its just off spec seeing how there is not right calibration # for math to work right.

My head starting to hurt need some more :beers: :beers: Gonna leave this one lay for now

Seems to work for me, on mobile or web. Here are screen captures from Web and mobile of two different stations with multiple devices.

Are you saying you only see the first device?

yes when I select it from drop down menu and this is with Tempest hub Vinceskahan had the same issue

1 problem solved I would PM but I need a public shaming I was not scrolling down far enough to select which device I wanted to view the graph of . just leaves the calibration / UV brightness issue


calibration is sometimes adding a coefficient to the value, hence you can have weird situations. We had some with UV over 20, reason during the calibration period (remember 1 hour before noon to 1 after noon) at the very last moment it dropped … (shadow or cloud) quality check didn’t see it and applied a high correction -> impossible UV

Remember calibration on our units is not like turning some screw or tighten a spring … it is all digital and numbers … so yes you can get results like your where brightness and UV seem completely opposite … depends what correction is applied.
Let’s wait next calibration for your station (no no idea when…)


Many releases in the past, we ‘used’ to be able to see when via the UDP broadcasts, but that capability was long taken away. It would be helpful on our end to see that kind of information again…


Yeah. It was interesting.

ST-00013039 been online since 7/12 and tons of sunny days still no calibration on UV ? Here’s what it looks like Today compared to FT Tempest and Sky


Any Updates on this

I opened a ticket on mine last night. Installation on 6/27 and still no calibration.

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look at the radiation of your 3 devices. Already remember the calibration takes from 1 hour before noon till 1 hour after noon to check and eventually calibrate. All your devices show heavy dips after noon and this influence much calculations and often reject the result

Also see radiation levels, sky and production Tempest are equivalent where the beta is a lot lower (why??) In any case the beta Tempest calibration is rejected systematically. Maybe a future analyse will succeed by can’t say why or when.

Yours should have gotten a calibration since I see quite some regular solar days (though recently a bit jagged)

Let’s see what support can do, I can just look at the graphs …

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so I guess today was a good day we have had tons of sun days but mingled clouds I counted 5-6 days if your 11am to 1 pm is correct I guess one of these day and today probably will not run calibration full sun all day

Who ho My UV finally got calibrated I guess on the 8/9 looked at it on the 9th and UV values were running almost identical, I have a couple of questions now that looks like UV is calibrated. The Brightness, and the Solar Radiation are reading double the amount on production tempest at the same UV value as Field test tempest is this a bug or is the FT unit wrong values ?

Also my Sky does not seem to be tracking very close to the tempest UV all 3 units are same height and in aprox 2-3 sq foot I can post pictures of Data amd ,mounting if needed.

Thanks UV calibrated making progress