Low temperature


I would like to congratulate Weatherflow. I was wondering how low the sensor could go. I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada (60N) and my Davis VP2 station was always stopping reporting with lows below -39.6C. With my WF station, I was able to measure -43.8C this morrning (Meteowhitehorse website).

WF is not perfect, as I am still off with my barometic pressure, but the temperature sensor is great for a station at this price! Worth mentionning it!



geeh, am I happy to have no need for such low temperatures. How do you survive at all?


:grinning: :grinning: With right clothes, it is manageable! Tomorrow should even be colder :wink:

Manageable, manageable? I rather have enjoyable (but I’m from the Netherlands, we complain a lot about the weather… which is good, as there is nobody to blaim). But the pictures from your camera are wonderful (where as my pictures would be just street and houses (and my little patio, which i do enjoy))

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Too funny, I was just looking at your station yesterday! I live in the path of the Fraser outflow, so was wondering just how cold that air was up there that’s gonna start making it’s way south. :smiley:

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Yes, it will! -43.6C again this morning here, and temperatures may even drop a little bit more in the upcoming days!

We had some of that in Colorado.


…and someday you hope to get inside plumbing and electricity, once the Pony Express gets there with news from the big cities in the East.