Low temperature rounding question

New to the Tempest.

When I look at the “raw” data I see our low temp was 20.1 degrees.

On the “general” station display it shows the low was 21 degrees.

Since it does not show decimal temperature for low… shouldn’t it show 20 as the low when the raw data says 20.1… not 21?


That sounds like a bug. What does it show on the web view? Can you provide screen shots and a link to your station?


Sure… the detailed temp graph is shown at


Which shows at 5AM the temp was 20.1.

The general display is shown at


which shows a low of 21.

Thanks… George

Unfortunately, I can’t turn back time to see the forecast display at 5AM. I captured the 1-minute graph around that time and marked it.

Right now it shows image and image , which is correct so maybe capture the screens when the incorrect rounding shows up again.

In the mean time, maybe @corrineb or @cmorello can see what you saw.

Perhaps I misinterpreted the temps on the general display…

I thought these were actual Hi and Lo… but right now it says 43 and 21 so I guess these numbers are the forecasted High and Lo? At noon on a normal day I would think the low would be actual and not forecasted.



Yes, the 21 and the 43 are forecasted high and low temperatures. I don’t think the general display ever gets updated with the actual high and low. Instead, you can see the actual high and low in the “history” tab

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Meteorological standard is .5 and up gets rounded up to the next unit of measure.