Lots of False Positive Lightning

I have an Air that reports Lightning Disturber 1440 times s day. It also reports lightning.

I don’t think that an SDR will tune down that low without an HF upconverter like the Ham It Up…


I have an SRDplay RSP2 that goes down to 1kHz without an upconverter. I’ll give it a shot later today.

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Hi @george.nincehelser . The LIGHTNING DISTURBER can largely be ignored. It is the algorithmic filter in the Franklin Lightning detector chip that indicates some electrical activity is being detected but the filter is disqualifying it as NOT lightning. That’s why we buried the display of ‘disturber’ —it’s pretty much irrelevant.

As many have suggested here, try locating your AIR in a different spot. And try rotating it 90deg as there is some directional bias to the detector. As a reminder, the lightning detector is designed to alert you of incoming lightning activity. It is not powerful enough to sense and report every single strike.

We love hearing your feedback. Keep us posted! :cloud_with_lightning:

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Thanks. I have put the AIR near my Atlas on the south side of the house. According to the forecast I might see some lightning activity this Sunday and see how the readings compare.


Well, it’s early Sunday morning. A small thunderstorm just passed by.

I visually saw lightning out my window.

My Atlas picked up 6 strikes with the closest estimated a 6 miles.

My Acurite 06045M lightning sensor lit up red many times, but I don’t have a counter for it.

No lighting was registered at all by the AIR, even in its new position near the Atlas.

The SKY did send me an alert that it was raining, though, so at least the system as a whole is functioning.

I’ll watch it some more as Dark Sky’s forecast is predicting more rain activity until 6:00AM.

Oddly, the forecast from the WeatherFlow page is giving a 0% chance of rain today.

So what’s next? This AIR is a kickstarter unit. I’m not sure if it is covered under warranty or not. It’s pretty close to a year in age,

WeatherFlow doesn’t have a forecast. Where are you seeing this?

It’s showing up on my grid, here: https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/station/2932/grid

I assume it is coming from some third party?

the forecast is from Weatherunderground, service that is having some rock and roll hours as they can’t cope and are trying to change model …

Many of us have disabled it already.

Regarding lightning … not sure what is happening. You have a piezo lighter ?? Try to fire it close to the Air, it is known that this can trigger it, or a flash from a photo camera …

and it is the Sky that measures rain, not the Air :wink:

Yes, WeatherUnderground. It’s an old Internet service that is on its last leg. I consider it total hogwash and unreliable.

I don’t think I have a piezo lighter. I’ve got many ways to make fire, but that’s not one of them.

I do have an SLR camera with a built-in flash. Canon T3i, I think. Should that flash trip it?

can’t say for sure but you can try fire it close to the air … I know Gary managed with an old flash he had lying around.

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Old? It’s not that old.


I took several pics with the flash right next to the AIR, but so far nothing registers as lightning.

I just tried the flash again near my Acurite 06045m detector.

It flashed it’s yellow LED, indicating the camera flash is a “disturber”.

The Atlas didn’t register the camera flash as lightning, either.

The flash may not put out enough “noise” to set it off. It takes as powerful flash to trigger it.

Despite old, I find it very useful and quite accurate for my location. What’s the better alternative other than a national weather service?

I’m new to this so might have missed answers to numerous false lighning strikes.
I was dubious for a while when I first got the unit because we had some light and persistent rain but, over the past few days the entire state of Sth Australia has been cloud free. My ‘Air’ is reading lightning strikes every 2 or 3 hours.
Any suggestions please?

Please use the search function of the forum. There are several topics, discussing several ideas about the origin and ideas for prevention.
Is ist a New behaviour ? Since when is the Air installed and since when the fals signals are detected?
Last but not least What is your Stations ID?

Likely interference by a nearby AC unit or something like that.