Lost Sensor connection

New to the Tempest. The sensor lost connection after installing it a couple weeks ago. Tried all the troubleshooting stuff but finally had to go up on the roof and reboot the sensor. Turning it off and on didn’t do the trick. Had to push the button.

Anyway…I like the unit versus my Davis that I’ve had for several years. I did buy the Tempest because I don’t like dragging my 70 year old bones up on the roof. The Davis always seemed to require some maintenance…new battery, new reed switch for the rain collector, new wind cups et cetera. The Tempest looks good because of no moving parts.

My question is…what is the frequency people are having to reboot the sensor? Bought it to stay off the roof so I’m hoping this won’t be a common occurrence. Signal is -59 so I’m assuming good. The unit did say a bad pressure reading or something like that.

It has been a long time since I’ve had the issue you encountered. I just looked at the up time for my stations and I see the one I put up at my church has been up for 446 days, that is just since it last rebooted. It has actually been up much longer than that. I installed it in July of 2020 and then a few months later replaced it under warranty due to a sensor error and I haven’t touched it since.

Mine has bee up about a year, I’ve never had to reset it