Lost connection to our Air & Sky units

My husband was connected to our Air unit on his Android for a couple of months and it was working great. Once we got Sky and set it up, I got my Android set up for it also, and it also seemed to be working. We got it installed, it told us to delete past data so that any data that was in it previous to when it got to it’s permanent location would skew the data. That was back on May 28th, and we have gotten no data since. All of our connections have been lost. How can we get this working again?

Hi Kim @howardfamily Send us a note to support@weatherflow.com with your WF username and we’d be happy to help get your station back online. You can also use: got.wf/swshelp and click the ‘Submit a Request’ link in top right. The more details you can provide, the easier it is for our staff to remedy.

First thing would be to check your HUB connection to home WiFi network:
App > Settings > Stations > [select station name] > WiFi Setup >