Looking for cheap/reliable hosting website to share my tempest data along with a webcam

Hi guys, my first question is are they any wifi cameras that i can setup with Tempest? I see wunderground has discontinued there cam service. If anyone can guide me in the right direction to a good cheap/reliable hosting website were i can share my tempest data and webcam i would greatly appreciate it.

Regards, Adrian

Amazon Lightsail is about $4 per month and is excellent. Happy user since literally the day after it was announced.

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Hi Vinceskahan,

What else would i need to host my tempest data and cam?

AWS Lightsail is probably not the best option for someone who is not familiar with linux and managing their own server. Can’t beat the price if you’re comfortable being your own support department, though…

Yea, not the best educated in maintaining or even setting up. Looking for something not to technical or difficult to setup.

Regarding hosting, try to find something managed (cpanel driven is pretty easy as it has most tools to manage databases etc)

Not many ready made templates anymore to use with meteobridge

this is one that can generate a nice site from Tempest via meteobridge but you’ll have some learning to do.

Else you’ll have to go with services like Awekas that generate a page with your data. Guess others here can provide other services since I don’t know them all for sure

I don’t know of any that are no skills required. I also don’t know of any that support a camera with no skills required.

FWIW - I interpreted your question as you wanting to know where to self-host inexpensively. To do so, you will need to invest some of your energy in actually learning things, as well as supporting your site. That is non-zero time+effort required.

Sorry - that’s the cost of admission.

For sharing your data, WF does that for you already if you make your data public. Just use the public URL for your station…or set it to (try to) upload to WU while WU is still around, but WU has been spiraling downhill for years now.

Excluding the camera part, which is a big complication.

I don’t have a good solution for the webcam part since that depends so much on which cam you have, how it’s hooked up, and what it supports in terms of getting an image off of it. Not all cameras support even capturing a snap periodically to a file you could upload someplace. Most of them tend to phone home to China and are very significant security risks. Be very careful there ‘especially’ since you don’t seem to want to learn anything other than ‘click here and walk away’. There is much security risk there.

Mmmm - Saratoga - that’s an oldie but goodie.

Be very afraid of PHP on a public Internet site especially for newbies. Very afraid. Talk about opportunity for being hacked. I see sooooo many bots trying to find PHP on my AWS site and break in that way…

But that said, you can also add Saratoga to weewx if so inclined. Works great.

Thinking about it, I guess I’d suggest weewx with the Belchertown skin, and setting Belchertown to include a periodic webcam snapshot you’d grab with cron or the like. But you’d still need to (a) self-host weewx on a pi or something at home on the LAN, (b) self-host a minimal Lightsail instance with just nginx on it, and (c) connect the two so your LAN instance uploads to the Internet instance automatically.

I’ve been doing that for well over a decade, but it would be a heavy lift for a non-unixy person looking for a click+walk-away solution.

This one is from my custom skin for weewx…

Belchertown looks like the following. There are a couple hooks in there for customization that folks use to put a webcam on there. Several folks replace the radar map with their current webcam image…

I heard some good things about this company.

I use whc.ca for hosting. It is somewhat user friendly. Weather-Display software ($58 one time license) will do all you want as it is Weatherflow friendly and has a few built in templates. Weather-Display is complex but it is a product that can’t be beat for extracting data, formatting for a web site and uploading.

As others have mentioned, there is no ‘click and grunt’ solution. Time and effort is necessary to accomplish your goal.