Looking for a way to turn off keyboard

I am running Weatherflow pi console on an old dual boot windows laptop with Ubuntu. It sits on the counter and is great display for my Tempest data. The problem is that the cat likes to sit on the keyboard of the laptop.
Several times a day, he seems to get back to the terminal by walking around on the keys.
I’m ignorant when it comes to Ubuntu programming.
Is there a simple program I could run that would temporarily disable the keyboard after Weatherflow pi console is running?
Many thanx…… jt

Thank you…… I’ll see if I can figure out how to implement one of the suggestion in that thread. Thanx again…… jt

You might be able to improvise something purely mechanical too, depending on how persistent your cat is, ala this:

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Aha! That may be easier. Thanx!

my bluetooth keyboard is kind of always on, at least it goes on as soon as I press any button, there is no on/off switch.