Long range radio - external antenna option

Feature request to add external antenna connectors to future hardware versions. This will allow long distances (~1km) between the weather sensor, hub, and wifi AP.

Add SMA connector to weather sensor for 900mhz external antenna. Example antenna would be a 900mhz yagi easily found online along with a pigtail to connect it.

Add SMA connector to hub for 900mhz and RP-SMA for 2.4ghz wifi. This would allow a user to have a long link on 900mhz and better wifi using a omni antenna or panel/grid to remote network.

Short version is this is how we get some real distance between this weather equipment and internet access. In my installation it’s entirely off grid using solar and a cellular LTE wifi router.

Thank you
William VE4VR

Use of external/detachable antennas will likely run afoul of the USA’s FCC requirements…

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