Logging daily history to a spreadsheet

Forgive me if this is a bit of a newbie question. I’ve got a little bit of experience with JavaScript, and am hoping to write a script to get the historical, previous day max/min/total values (post RainCheck) and write them to a spreadsheet.

If I’m reading these forums correctly, I should be able to use the API to cycle through the minute by minute (or every 5 minute) intervals of data from my weather station, calculate the max and min values for the fields, and use that. Is there no way with the API to query the max and min temps/humidity/etc for a given day? There’s already a way to get the RainCheck total daily accumulation for the previous day, it seems like querying all of this data would be very intensive on the server.

There are many ways to enter and display the history data into a spreadsheet.
I experimented with the IFTTT process into sheets and due to occasional missing rows and occasional freeze requiring a reset I gave up on that. In this forum I read of only one other person continuing with using that IFTTT method by converting the results into a string and saving it as a type of backup.

Another simple system I could use to view my historical data in a table in a spreadsheet is by using Weather Underground. By activating the forwarding of your data to WU you then get to view your historical data in a table (and charts) if you desire. It is simple to select a monthly view such as this: https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/INSWDUDL2/table/2020-07-12/2020-07-12/monthly
then select and copy the table into your spreadsheet if that is your goal.

It depends on your purpose which other 3rd party Apps might suit you.
If your purpose is to learn using the API I do not have the knowledge to help you sorry.
cheers Ian

That would work fine, with the exception that I would need to still go back and update ether data that WUnderground doesn’t do anything with. Namely, the lightning strikes, and I’d also like to get the RainCheck-corrected daily amounts. I’ll keep digging.