Locked out of app. Solved

Anyone ever been locked out of their Tempest app?

I have my passwords saved in LastPass and use it religiously. However, recently, I’ve not been able to log in to my local Tempest/hub via there app but have no problem logging in to my account at Tempestwx.com with these very same credentials. It’s a bit frustrating. Even after resetting my pw, I can’t log in via the app - only via the website.

I’m on Android and I’ve already cleared my local storage and cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, reset password, etc…

Anyone else ever experience this and have any thoughts?


must be a first time ever I red this roblem, but there is always a first time :wink:

Not much we can do on forum if you already did what you described

Maybe @corrineb can help ?

is there perhaps some very special character in your password or an extra blank, or does the app perhaps automatically capitalize the first character of your password?

There are definitely special characters in my password… But, I would assume that because I’m able to login via the website, that shouldn’t be an issue. There is also a period (.) In my email address that in wondering is causing some issue. Never used to be a problem, though.

I expect the normal special characters like punctuation to work just fine, but really special ones like ù or Û might cause some problems.
I’m not saying it is a problem in your case, but worth checking out with this kind of strange problem that you encounter.

@ksaylor.spam we are taking a look to see if we can reproduce the issue. Have you ever been able to log in using the Android app? Did you create your account using the Android app?

Thanks for the extra info.

Hey @ksaylor.spam,

Are you using lastpass to auto-fill the password? Have you made sure that it is entering the password correctly? You can check by tapping the eye icon on the password field. You can also try to enter the password manually and see if that does it.

Hi @corrineb

You can disregard… Use error.

Evidently, I had two different LastPass entries - one for my app and one for the website and the passwords were not synced.

Embarrassed… thanks for the help, though.


No worries @ksaylor.spam. I’m glad you were able to get logged in!