Location of lightning

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Was looking at the lightning detection and it shows distance. Would it be better if it showed a google earth style map as well of approx where the lighting is. May give a user a better understanding of what direction the storm may be coming in and size ?

All it needs is a yay or nay vote ?

The AS3935 lightning sensor chip cannot even give an accurate distance, and has no way to determine the direction of the strike. The Blitzortung project included the AS3935 on one of their early boards as an experiment in short-range strike detection. The fact that their latest generation of units do not have an AS3935 on the boards is a good indicator that they could not generate useful data even with a network of stations equipped with AS3935’s.

Feel free to put your name onto the waiting list for a Blitzortung kit if you have the soldering/electronics skills to assemble one. The current waiting list is 2-3 years, and mine can detect when a South American drug lord’s outhouse is struck by lightning from 5,000+ kilometers away in upstate NY… :smiley:


This is how the feature request voting works:

You can vote for it yourself :slight_smile: (if you have remaining votes available)

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well, the fact that blitzortung no longer uses the AS3935 doesn’t say anything about the detector. Blitzortung works best with long distance detections. It uses very precise timings to determine the distance.
The AS3935 doesn’t do that at all. It purely makes a well educated guess at the distance of the nearest strikes. Makes it a lot cheaper, and doesn’t depend on a network of stations to do the detection.