Limit data for /better_forcast api

I am using a RP2040 (pico w) to pull data from the weatherflow API and display the weather on an LED Matrix. The /observations/station/id api works well, however I would like to be able to use the current_conditions from the /better_forcast api. However, when I pull that API the json it returns for forcasts is HUGE. Are there any parameters to pull just the current_conditions and / or just the forcast: Daily data from the api?

Example: (Scroll down to better_forcast data)

Note: The data returned for this api is 4722 lines long (pretty formatted).

perhaps you wanted to use
where xxxxxx is your device id.

I am aware of the observations/station api, it just does not have the fields I am looking to display.
For example:

current_conditions: {
    "icon": xx,
    wind_direction_cardinal: WNW,

Granted the wind direction I could calculate, but conditions / condition icon are what I want out of the better_forecast that is not available in the observations api.

I asked the same question not to long ago. There was a proposed solution at the bottom of the thread, but I have not yet had a chance to try it out. If you do, please reply back.

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This is very interesting, now I just need to find something that is micropython / circuitpython compatible.

Thanks, this was really helpful!

The Pico W runs MicroPython

Runs with either, I am currently using circuitpython.