Lightning Sensor Status sometimes reports 'Failed'

My replacement Tempest’s Lightning sensor failed. My first Tempest had battery charging issues. Is anyone else experiencing issues with their Tempest and on their 2nd or 3rd replacement unit?

If you talk of ST-00012212 : all sensors show ok for me.

@eric that’s strange. Just 10 mins ago it reported the Lightning Sensor failed but now it reports all sensors are ok.

keep an eye on it for the coming days, see if it is a temporary glitch or bad luck sensor dying slowly

@eric It was dumb luck that I check the sensors’ status. I didn’t receive notification about the sensor failed.

My sensor reports failed at random. Everytime it does and I go to report it, it has returned to ok long before support replies.

I’ve disabled and reenabled the lightning sensor to see if it helps.

I was checking the status of my Tempest this morning. Under sensor status said lightning failed. As I write this I now notices it says sensor status OK. Cause for any concern? As a side note I recived the v143 on the hub today.

My Tempest has demonstrated the same behavior too.

Mine too. It was just showing LIGHTNING_FAILED. Then I looked again and it showed OK. Most of the time it shows OK. This is in the iOS app that I have seen this. Next time I see something other than OK I will look at the web and see if I see the same thing.

I’ve seen it in both the iOS app and web app.

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Firmware v133 for the Tempest is nearing completion. I don’t know what fixes are in it but maybe the sensor status changing between failed and OK is in the firmware fix. Give it a little time and see what happens.


There is no “e” in lightning.

I thought it was made up of a whole bunch of them. :rofl:


Thanks for the feedback, folks. We discovered a bug in the v119 Tempest firmware that would occasionally and erroneously report LIGHTNING_FAILED. This has been corrected in the latest firmware candidate, v133, which will be deployed soon.

As for the proper spelling of the word “lightning”, I keep this handy guide pinned to my wall to make sure I get it right (and I still get it wrong sometimes):


Thank you for being very responsive and being an active member on the board.

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Can we pin this bug to the forum so others don’t create new threads related to this issue?

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Good idea. I’ll move it to #owners:bug-reports and mark it solved.

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