Lightning in the app

Is this a bug with the lightning in the Tempest app? It shows this way on my iPhone and also an Amazon tablet I have hacked with the Google play store to add the app.

Is your internet working? I don’t see anything from either of your stations.

Yes it is. 13832 and 21612 both say online in the app.

The web shows it fine. The two links in your profile don’t give me anything for some reason.

I may have to update those…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Same here on iOS devices. Web version shows the data.

I’ve seen the same issue on my iPhone and iPad but not desktop.

This is what I see for my Tempest as well. The web app shows the recent lightning recordings. This was working well on an iOS device until just recently when the records disappeared. The detections still show in the history presentation.

I’ve seen some odd behavior from some weather stations (at least 4 different stations) this evening. I see lightning being detected during storms, but the “Last Detected” time does not go to “Just Now” after the detection and the counter does not seem to be going up as I have seen before during other storms. Also the distance data seem to have a large gap in data. See the linked screen recording below:

Screen recording

Hello, I’m asking if the lightning symbol should remain lit and showing dashes long after any lightning has passed. Shouldn’t it reset instead of showing dashes? Is that a bug? Thankyou

@WFstaff @WFStaff2
There appears to be production defect with the lightning section in the iOS app. I’ve been seeing dashes for lightning and the voltage card will disappear at times.

Thanks, I suppose there will be a fix at some point?

I recommend checking the sensor status on your Tempest. I discovered why I have dashes for lightning…My lightning sensor failed.

Tonight I’m getting lightning strikes and when it starts to add up it takes them away and acts like there are no strikes when there is my accurite already has counts and tempest won’t add them up tonight can this be fixed please?

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Hello, what is going on with the lightning on tempest app it is not working properly at all this evening can this be corrected.

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Same issue for me as well

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I noticed this as well. I seemed to be getting lightning strike notifications about an hour late this evening.

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This is not how it has worked in the past. And it is not just one station either. Usually, as soon as you see a strike, the timer resets and starts counting up. Also, there are no strikes registering in the strike count graph at all. I thought it would be good to show a video of this behavior since several people have tried to describe this textually. I’m not sure if the point is getting across.

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Oh I know and agree. There is definitely an issue. Hopefully @WFsupport @WFstaff can get it sorted out. I saw a few similar replies from other users as well…

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I wonder what has changed. This all was working fine a week ago. It seems to be a global issue across the platform.

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