Lightning false readings

Lately I have been getting many daily false lightning reading. I know that near by electrical motors and such can cause them. My issue is that nothing has changed in my system. It has worked perfect for many years now. Seems this issue started in the last 30 days or so. Did something change on the firmware?

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I see these intermittently, and more so in warmer weather

It has gotten cold here and this started when it was getting colder. Getting like 400 strikes a month when there is no bad weather. Scroll through the graph adn I am getting more now than when we have summer thunderstorms.

Lightning is not a local thing only, remember the little Franklin sensor hears about 40 miles around you and a heavy ‘spark’ 10 miles away could trigger it. Winter and summer are nice periods where so many heathers/coolers start running way more than in spring or autumn … those are often nice candidates to trigger false positives. Maybe a neighbour bought a new device (cheap thing mostly) that is far from ‘clean’ and triggers (leds, fluo lamps, a pump …). Not so easy to filter all out without becoming completely deaf … if you have a little am radio, tune it to a free frequency and walk around the house already and listen for potential disturbers (transfo, led etc)… maybe you can already find a local source

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After moving my sensor you can see how much it improved. Moved it about 50 feet to a new location.