Lightning distance problem

Lightning on tempest station grid and on tempest station is not same.

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so you want the same answer here as on facebook…
it still might be correct. What if the actual distance measured was 5km? both would be correct. But agreed, I think the range should match (unless one of them is more an average instead of just the last strike).

In the first picture of the Tempest rain application for today 7.85 mm, in the second picture 7.90 mm, isn’t it okay to show the exact value of 7.85 mm.
for tomorrow rain 6.96 mm in other figures 7 mm. Correct is 6.96 mm you need to fix it anyway. An equally large deviation is in the thunder strike

No, the second picture is showing 7.9mm. It is only showing to the tenth, not the hundredths place as you imply.

The same thing happens with Imperial units.

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How did we get from lightning to rain in only three replies?